Crating Services for International Shipments


Is your cargo to large to transport to our facility?

We offer custom crating services for either domestic or export shipping. Our designs range from heavy duty skids and bases that utilize shrink wrapping to a variety of cleated plywood boxes built to either military or industrial specifications.

We have successfully completed projects that range from designing and building crating for production items, in-plant re-toolings, and complete plant relocation.

Shipments that are subjected to extreme weather conditions are packaged with desiccant and vacuum sealed in vapor barrier wrapping to control excess moisture. Vibration sensitive equipment is mounted on a floating base or cushion base platform to control vibration during handling and shipping. We utilize water shed wraps for crates that have to be shipped on flat racks because they are too large to fit inside containers. We have thirty-four years experience in designing and manufacturing custom wooden crates under the current ownership. These services include ISPM-15 certification which helps to facilitate export shipments when they reach the port.

Re-useable crates for kitting or trade show applications are also a great way to reduce overall expenditures.